Rock Star Teams? It's possible

Having built and cultivated both staff and volunteer teams for many years, I am asked frequently what I think are some best practices for building rock star teams. Here are four that come to mind right away:

1) Learn your people’s Love Language.

By this I mean that you understand what truly makes each of them feel valued. Caring for those entrusted to you by caring for them the way you want to be cared for, is not very productive, or very Christ like.

Jesus cared for everyone he came in contact with differently based on their needs, especially the Apostles (the 12 he spent the most time with).

My experience is that when people feel truly valued, even when you have to be tough with them, they will be more willing to sacrifice and buy into the cause. They will also be much more productive, because the work you are having them do is not a “Wild Goose Chase,” but something you believe in, much like you believe in them.

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