16 Things Worship Pastors Should Say to Their Technical Directors

Recently I read an article from my former Worship Pastor and friend Rick Muchow titled 28 Things Pastors Should Say to Their Worship Leaders. This article is a fantastic read and you should definitely pass it along to your senior leadership. It was so good that it got me thinking about things Worship Pastors should say to their TDs. Rick has always been a great encourager to me and I have had the pleasure of working with many worship pastors that have encouraged and pushed me to excellence over my 20 years on church staffs. 

As stated in Rick’s article everyone has different gifting and that can cause communication barriers both with the Pastor/ Worship Pastor relationship as well as the Worship Pastor/ TD relationship. I have written my own list of what I believe, as a former TD, are things any TD can be encouraged by and reminded to do on an ongoing basis, some from Rick, some of my own.

So here are my 16 Things Worship Pastors Should Say to Their Technical Directors:

1.    I appreciate you.

2.    Trust is earned.

3.    People don’t love change, so love people through it.

4.    Excellence is a good value, but it should never trump loving people.

5.    Be thorough in preparation and rehearse everything

6.    Keep learning

7.    Keep learning (see what I did there?)

8.    Your family comes first.

9.    Take care of your health

10. Keep your commitments and follow through.

11. Serve other team leaders with grace.

12. Be fiducially responsible.

13. Be yourself, God uses leaders who are authentic

14. Be respectful of leadership

15. Bleed up; your team is not your therapist.

16. People are more important than tech.